Which is Best for Great Game? Rangefinder, Binoculars, Spotting Scope, or Riflescope

Which is Best for Great Game? Rangefinder, Binoculars, Spotting Scope, or Riflescope

Being confused about which optic is the best to have with you when up in a blind or out in the field is very common. This is especially true for hunters that have countable opportunities to go hunting every year. While some might be on a tight budget, others feel that they must have tones of equipment in order to avoid missing anything.

To help you make an informed decision, this primer breaks down rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes and riflescopes. Read on. 




This is probably the best tool any long-range hunter can use to take a great shot. Certainly, you can’t shoot a target which you can’t see. One of the best attributes about a riflescope is its ability to take excellent shots even from a distance.

When in the market for the best riflescope, here are some of the factors you need to consider:

  • Magnification
  • Reticles
  • Adjustments
  • Eye relief
  • Bells

Spotting Scopes

Spotting scopes

Do you want an equipment that’ll help you cover vast acres of territory without making a move? If yes, then you definitely need a scope. Having one goes miles to save you legwork and time. If you tend to spend much of the time walking through thick forests or rolling hills and waiting in a deer stand, perhaps this isn’t the right tool for you.

Spotting scopes are magical for trophy hunters. They’re also great for hunters in a team to bring down big game. The equipment helps you determine your exact targets long beforehand. If you’re hunting with your partner, it helps him or her to keep track of a target while you dial it in using your riflescope. 



At first, it might seem like a pair of binoculars is better suited to baseball games and bird watching. Actually, some hunters opine that they lack the ‘oomph’ or ‘feel’ they desire in a hunting tool. Consequently, not many hunters consider packing a pair for their upcoming trip.

Nevertheless, there are many reasons why you should consider having binoculars in your next hunting trip: 

1. Portability

Do you carry a lot of gear when out in the field? If yes, the last thing you want is an item that gets in your way of real time and quick access to other gears such as knives, water, shells etc. The best attribute about a binocular is that it features a shoulder or neck strap which prevents them from coming in the way of you accessing the other gears.

2. Price

A top-notch pair of binoculars usually costs less compared to other optics. Therefore, if you’re a hunter on a tight budget, then you should consider buying one. 

3. Mobility

Reaction time is the other reason you should consider buying a pair of binoculars. Their weight and size enable you to place them on your eyes as well as expand your sightline real time. They’re definitely a must have whenever you’re out hunting. 


hunting rangefinder

Calculating range is one of the most critical elements of bow hunting. Ultimate guide from Archery Topic saying that: with the help of the best hunting rangefinder as well as high-powered lasers and optics, you can be able to eliminate guesswork thus guaranteeing that you’ll take the perfect shot. 

Range distance

While there are plenty of factors you must consider when looking for the best rangefinder, the most important factor is ranging distance. The million-dollar question you need to ask yourself is, how far away are your prospective targets? Do you want to shoot large game close up or small game from a vast distance? Unless you’re a newbie, chances are very high that you already know concrete answers to these questions. Knowing the average distance and game size before you shoot can go such a long way to determine precisely what you need as well as the amount of money you need to spend.

After doing your calculations, you’ll be better places to make an informed purchase.

It’s also important to examine the specifics of a manufacturer in terms of yardage range to settle for one that outstrips your own average by roughly 100 yards. After getting one that matches the needs of your yardage, then you can proceed to a plethora of other factors including the following:

  • Water resistance
  • Yardage precision
  • Magnification

In Summary …

Today, you can’t deny that optics are equally as essential as all the other gear in hunting game. The adage ‘always be prepared’ most definitely applies. The good thing is that you can never be over prepared. The truth is, too much gear can cause a hunter to miss a true trophy. Moreover, it can slow you down. If you want best results in spotting game, you need to take only the necessary and depend on your hunting skills to handle the rest.

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