Snowboarding – A Ticket to Ride

Snowboarding – A Ticket to Ride

Many people hate the idea of winter and would rather lock themselves in their rooms than to come out to the unwelcoming cold and damp. That leads to a winter-related type of depression, known as Seasonal Affected Disorder to develop.

Well, maybe the cold does bother us anyway. Fortunately, there is a way for you to embrace this special season and that’s snowboarding.

Snowboarding and alpine skiing – Past and present

While back in the day, snowboarding was dominated by males under age 25, nowadays, more and more people from both genders are starting to embrace the sport. Most of ski resorts that once banned snowboarding have lifted their bans.

Many people find snowboarding easier on the knees compared to skiing. At first, snowboarding might appear to be harder and more complicated for beginners. But that’s only because you haven’t gotten used to the sport. Once you get to understand the basics, you might find alpine skiing actually takes longer to learn than snowboarding.

History of snowboarding

The actual history of snowboarding began in 1965. Sherman Poppen, a gas engineer decided to create a new toy for his daughters.  He then fastened 2 skis together and tied a rope to the end to have control over the toy.

The toy was inspired by skateboarding and surfing, hence the name “snurfer”. Poppen’s daughters and their friends adored this new toy so he decided to sell the idea to a manufacturer. Over 500,000 surfers were sold throughout the US by 1966.

At first, snurfer was referred to as a children’s toy, Poppen held many snurfing competitions throughout the country. Jake Burton attended one of these competitions and immediately fell in love with this type of recreational activity. He then decided to expand on the possibilities of the sport.

In 1977, Jake Burton moved to Londonderry, Vermont where he invented the first laminated hardwood board. He added bindings to provide efficiency and safety. The improvements that Burton improved on the snurfer were so significant, that he beat his opponents by a long shot when he attended another snurfing competition.

After a long argument, Olympic accepted snowboarding as an official Olympic sport in 1994.

Ultimate balance sport

The focus of snowboarding is rather dynamic balance than brute strength. This is why many people are concerned about its fitness benefits.

Since balance is such an essential factor in snowboarding, you should work on it by spending some time on a bosu, a stability ball or a balance board.

Leg muscles and core stability are two most important aspects of snowboarding and working on them is a must for snowboarders. You can do it by performing lunges and squats while working on balance.

Proper clothingsnowboarding 2

Whatever you wear must keep you warm while offering comfort. You need to be warm and able to move freely to control your snowboard. The outer layers of your clothing need to be breathable (insulated), windproof, and most importantly, waterproof. Don’t forget the body warmers too.

Snowboarding stance

There are two snowboarding stances and these stances have nothing to do with whether you’re left-handed or right-handed:

  • Regular stand: Snowboarding with your left foot forward.
  • Goofy stance: Snowboarding with your right foot forward.

So basically, the difference between the two stances is which foot you use first when you start walking and climbing the stairs.

Learn to snowboard

Falling is inevitable when learning to snowboard. However, you can reduce the chance of getting hurt by learning the right techniques and tips.

For example, to prevent the risk of getting a fracture or a broken wrist, which is the most common injuries among snowboarders, you must learn how to deal with the fall in a way that causes the least damage. In that case, pull your hands out in front of your body and bend them when your body hits the snow. Your arms will act as a spring to reduce the force.

Snowboarding can lead to many severe injuries, such as a broken leg, arm, and wrist. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to get a proper training program to learn the right techniques. Ask your friends to join so you can have someone to keep you company and share the cost at the same time.

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