How to Read GPS Golf Course Maps

How to Read GPS Golf Course Maps

The golf regulations have still unchanged, but the way to hit the ball to the right target probably modifies. In other words, people do not have to estimate the distance between their stand and the ball holes.

Thanks to the newest technology, they will kick the ball as quickly as they can. I am talking about the GPS golf course map. Yeah, it is easy to buy a device in the shop, but how to read GPS golf course maps is a challenge question. This is the main point I am going to show you right away…

How to recognize the right holes to hit in the golf course in the past

Do you want to know how golfers locate the proper holes to kick their balls in the course? When you know how they do it, you will understand how to relocate the GPS golf course maps. I am serious!

In the past, several golfers who needed to discover the range of a specific hit had lots of things to tackle and the ruling as well. One took the first steps in the direction of creating the distance between their standing to others in yards in the middle of the 20th century. Players had to hold their recordings in their head. It means that they must have a good memory.

Later, golfers changed a little bit on their job. They would write down all records all the distances of the golf course from their break. They also observed other players to note everything in the course carefully. By doing this, they probably knew which parts they should follow and which things they should…forget!

One day, they realized that they do not have enough time to note all records in all golf courses from countries to the world. They are just human beings only! This was the time of launching a new technology – a GPS golf course map.

High-end way to read the GPS golf course maps

Launching new golf devices makes golfers make difference on their golf course. No matter they are a novice or an advanced player. You enable to read the course maps and locate the right ball path to hit the hole.

Download the ideal application

The truth is that you cannot read the GPS golf course map without having support device. I mean you have to own a device to help you do that. Start downloading a golf course map to your smart devices. Select the one which is easy to understand and use the interface. Do not worry about that because most of the applications are friendly for every user.

Find out and choose the adequate golf course

Where are you going to hit the ball for the upcoming time? Which states will you fly to? Know the right place exactly to help you find out the true golf course. Then, you will know how to read the GPS golf course map.

Read the GPS golf course map carefully

A GPS golf course map probably is the place to show the figures on paper at several points. It ought to consist of a model of a break.

Along with the fairway, an arc is also described with a number in the yard distance and the green center as well. The identification of the marker can equal to the arc or line. A map ought to include a header in the right direction of the fairway which renders.

Take a yardage map

With an advanced distance map, what will you have? You will have everything in the golf courses such as the difficulty level in the hole and other obstacles. If you see a figure appeared on the putting green, it displays the depth of the green only.

Furthermore, it enables to mark the best points in the fairway locations on the top of the wood. Also, it can find out the suitable range of the spots and the tees.

For example, red number can display the distance from the tees while blue ones ought to show the yardage from the back side of the tees. And the map has a streak sketched to indicate the range of a reach in order to catch the dogleg directly.

Consider a handheld system and a smartphone application

In the past, a handheld system was a good choice to bring apart from your golf bag. Today, this is a difficult comparison because a smartphone application is always updated on a regular basis.

In fact, the question is various. Some will love a handheld system and some can choose a smartphone application. So, it depends on how you feel about the smartphone application and the handheld system.

Please keep in mind that a smartphone application could be available for all types of levels. In other words, you are a new player and buy it without struggling. Even if you are an experienced player, go for this product is easy.


Knowing how to read GPS golf course map is equally essential to any golfer because maps will help you to navigate the ball path in the course. Before opening a device, make sure that it has been charged and you have read the instruction. Each GPS golf course map has different mechanical systems.

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