How to Fish the Crappie

How to Fish the Crappie

When you hear someone say “I am going to catch Crappie”, you will guess he or she is American or at least they live in this country. Because Crappie often lives in the US and residents often love fishing this fish a lot. How to catch the Crappie? You need to know crappie tips and tricks.

Do you know the Crappie?


Crappie is known as specks, Crappie is the member in the pinfish family. They are typically considered the most advantageous pinfish. The sort is like the tallest midget.

Most anglers often like catching both the black ones and the white Crappies.  You can find these species in lakes, ponds, small streams, rivers across the states; especially in Florida. No matter how deep or shallow the water area is, crappies could be often found easily.  Thus, they are dynamic or passive.

On the other hand, crappie fishing season relies on their behavior. Hunting crappies are probably difficult because you should know some Crappie tips and tricks in advance.

Tips and tricks to catch the Crappies

1. The best time to fish Crappies

Fortunately, you ought to find and fish Crappies at any time in during a year. Unlike other saltwater fishes, Crappies could be found in most lakes and rivers.

Crappie season often happens in the winter season. At this time, fishes come to some shores and you grab them easily on any kind of gear.

2. The place to find Crappies

As mentioned early, you enable to find Crappies in some small water areas like ponds, streams, lakes, and rivers. The winter is the spawning season of the Crappies like the sunfish.They come to these similar areas to spawn and build beds at the same time. Most experienced anglers recognize this point and go with this place to fish Crappies around 5 feet from the above water surface.

Crappies will move into deep water in other seasons of the year. If you want to find them in these periods, you could use many rods to check out the depth points because fishes could appear in any profile or other structures offshore.

3. Prepare for the catching time

Like other fishes, you should prepare the gearbox, know the adequate lures, practice the true tackle, and bring some ideal bait. With the bait, please note that you could bring diverse colors, sizes, and shapes to ensure that you will catch one fish at least.

4. Identify and practice the right technique for the exact season

Another tremendous point of fishing Crappies is that anglers should know the suitable technique for the right season.

For example, fishes come to shore in shallow water closely in the winter as they have to spawn. So, you can hunt and use the fly tackle easier. In other seasons, you need to drift and troll to grab fishes because Crappies might be found offshore in deep water.  

5. Try to use live minnows

Forget fake baits which selling on the market because Crappies love live minnows when they think these are their real meal. Live minnows could be found in your local bait shop like mosquito fish, mollies, etc. Missouri minnows are the number one bait with Crappies.

6. Do not ignore the cane pole

When you find out another spot looks great for hunting big crappies like deep water on the other side of a tree but you cannot catch them, using the cane pole is a good idea.

Most anglers forget cane poles because they are too small, but anglers enable to use these to pull back to the right sizes to fit in the boat.

7. Check the depths

Between the spring and the fall, Crappies probably appear in a variety of depths day-by-day relying on temperature changes, oxygen quantities, ad bait avalanches in the deep waters. In order to find fishes, you should take many rods with baits in several depths.

8. Avoid fish Crappies in the late afternoon or in the evening

There is no denying that Crappies like eating in the early morning on the surface. Other fishes also love to eat when the sun takes up.

Please keep in mind that you should come to the fishing range in this time as fishes do not bite other periods during the day. So, be sure to wake up as early as possible and prepare your fishing smoothly.

9. Focus on the winter season

If you are a new angler or this is the first time you fish Crappies, then you could take your fishing rods in the winter season. You will feel that the game is easier than other game in the fall or the spring. Winter is the spawning time of Crappies and they always occur in the offshore areas.

Even if you have several experiences of fishing Crappies, you will have a short comparison about the right time to catch fishes.

In the fall and spring, you will receive nothing at the end of the day. In other words, you waste the time to find and wait for occurring from Crappies although the climate is much more comfortable than the winter season.

When you have to fish in the winter, carry warm outfits if you do not want to have an illness later.

A short list to prepare before your fishing trip

We know that you do not have enough time to remember each object you have to pack. So, we support you to make a full list. You should take:

  •    Best rods (at least two rods);
  •    Right bait for crappies (live minimums);
  •    Fishfinders;
  •    Lake maps (when you are going to fish in the lake) or other necessary maps to hunt fish;
  •    Suitable clothes for fishing Crappies;
  •    Camera (when you would save some amazing sightseeing from the boat)

Final Words

Most anglers agree that catching Crappies is also incredible when they know the Crappie tricks and tips. This is also great experiences as you can practice some fishing techniques, shot some beautiful photos, and enjoy the fresh air at the same time.


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