How to Choose Broadheads before Bowing

How to Choose Broadheads before Bowing

When you ask 10 bow hunters about the broadheads they select for their bowing, you will receive the similar answer “I am not sure my broadheads is suitable for me or not. I am just looking at the shop and choose a product randomly”.

Most novices use the board heads without knowing how it makes their games smoothly and experienced hunters also do that!

If you DO NOT want to have the same game like them, then you could discover some points about this tool and view some products on the market. You know, a poor broadhead ought to waste some deer and your money as well. When you feel awful to give an empty deer cart to your home!

Draw attention to the fixed blade broadheads in advance

When you want to invest in the right one from a variety of options, take into account the different models of fixed blade broadheads. Fixed blades are much more reliable because you do not have to open the blade to check the inside blade.

They have 3 main types which are chisel point, replaceable blades, and cut-on-contact broadheads. These types have specific purposes and bow hunters will receive several benefits for different kinds of game animals.


Most bowhunters agree that single piece broadheads are stronger than the two others. They could be affected useless if a blade or any point is destructive. Focusing on a sharp edge might be difficult if the blade breaks off a rock or when hitting bone.

All mechanical broadheads provide you plenty of design options like the classic jackhammer, rear deploying blades to help the blades can meet the targets.

See the mechanical systems

You enable to hit enough arrows with a big assortment of heads attached to the end point and you will explore that there is not any head can allow for truer arrow flight than the bullet-shaped field points. Thanks to the aerodynamic, it may do that smoothly.

Most mechanical systems of the board heads are made to emulate which bullet-shaped design while in a catch.

However, it still offers a cutting area upon impact. Typically, some mechanical systems have about 2 or 3 blades to help you fold it easily in order to withstand the shaft of the head. So, it cannot protrude anything outside the environment.

The head is possibly the NAP Scorpion. Then, these blades move by unfolding from the tip backward or gliding out from the rear. And these heads can give cutting diameters nearly 2.5 inches and they will leave a big hole no matter how they hit.

Some cases can happen when another mechanical system which has the blade can protrude in flight, but then it moves out farther to increase the cutting diameter. For example, you will get this similar situation when you use the NAP Bloodrunner 2-Blade.

Most mechanical systems are advertising with the same slogans like that “Flies just like a field point”, but you should check the blades in these mechanical broadheads condition first.

Do not forget the chisel point

Chisel point broadheads are one of the most popular factors to draw attention to. But, unfortunately, most bowhunters probably forget. These points have been a staple in the archery gearbox. This is because the development of high-end hunting point is related to fixed blade models as well.

Generally speaking, a chisel point ought to cut the target through hiding by the first using the hidden point quickly. It could support the arrow continue the expected course without much making a mess.

If you want to hunt whitetail and elks, then you could go ahead with the chisel point broadheads. These are reusable and you can control the hitting part in hard bones like ribs and shoulders without turning away.



If your gear cannot enough energy for controlling deep via the soft tissue of a targeted animal, cut-on-impact broadheads are the smartest choice!

Cut-on-impact broadheads start chopping off as soon as they grab the main point. Because they can cut up instead of a hidden hole of an animal occur in advance, cut-on-impact broadheads do their mission deeper!

In fact, this hunting style is a good taste for most bowhunters loves one of three options – selecting recurve, long shots, and low heaviness bows.

Nonetheless, if you find out you enable to hunt the upper hunting levels in a large game such as caribou, moose, elk, and other big predators, then you could go with a cut-on-impact broadhead like the Montec.

For example, the Montecs from G5 has been a good choice for bow hunters in a long period of time as they will receive more consistent points and the variety of power.

Please note that when participating in any hunting game, if you find out the thick hides and heavy bones, then you should select rigid cut-on-impact broadheads. These will make difference because it does not decrease your speed to hit your target.

And the weight in each broadhead

The weight in a broadhead is also important when you determine the style of head you need to. Experts recommend the bow hunters should choose the head with 100 gram if they buy the carbon and lightweight aluminum shafts. With the heavy aluminum shafts, go with the 125-gram heads.


If you are going to decide which broadhead is the proper choice for your frequent setup, you will need to test all things in the broadhead. Ask the seller to give you the opportunity to try different designs on the hunting range till you find the true one for your track.

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