How to become a better skier: 10 Golden tips that make you a successful Skier

How to become a better skier: 10 Golden tips that make you a successful Skier

You have always been looking forward to the winter period so you can sharpen your skills as you get ready for the journey to professionalism. It has been your wish all along that you’d be the one skiers can consult when they need to improve their expertise in skiing. The main question you might have in mind though, is “how do I attain my goals? What should I do so I can see to it that I get to the top of the game?” Well, the answer to that is pretty much straightforward; you need to practice as much as you can when the right season sets in, and you’ll become a professional without unnecessary struggles. However, is practice alone enough to help you get what you’ve always wished for? Of course not. You need to be equipped with several tips which can prepare you for the task you have ahead before hitting the path to success in skiing. Having known that, hang on and go through these tips as discussed below, as they’ll ease your struggles and give you better chances of being a professional:

  1. Get the appropriate equipment

Skiing can become more enjoyable once you focus on getting the right gear for different situations. You need to acknowledge that various conditions will determine how successful your activity for the day will be. One such condition is how the weather will be on the day you’re on that slope doing what you do best. You always want to update yourself with such information the night before heading out to the skiing grounds, in a bid to get ready for the situation, by wearing enough layers that’ll enhance comfort allowing you to enjoy the moment. Make good use of weather forecasting, to get a hint of what to wear, for better comfort.

You also have to get suitable skis for your location, as there is a variety meant for different terrains. Always research before acquiring the skis that will be best suited for the grounds on which you expect to go skiing. While buying a ski, also ensure that you get the right boots, depending on your preferences. Remember, you want to feel in control of the whole skiing thing.

  1. Get some inspiration from established professionals

You want to fly high, and as such, you need to learn from those who can do so, which is why you should consider watching some videos on what professional skiers do, that make them earn the title “PRO”. You will always learn some new techniques which come in handy the next time you are in the mountains. All you should do is look for a variety of such videos, and watch them next time you have some minutes to spare. You might even correct some of the mistakes you’ve been making after referring to such videos.

  1. Consider getting fit

Getting fit for your skiing activities is always a plus, for various important reasons. You need to acknowledge that skiing requires you to use some of the muscles that you rarely use in normal circumstances, which is why you should prepare your body by keeping it fit. Not only will exercising such muscles help you enjoy skiing in a better way, but you will also avoid instances of muscle and ligament injuries. You need to focus on improving the strength of your legs, keeping balance, being more flexible, and also raising your power to weight ratio, for better performance.

  1. Take a video of your skiing

Capturing a video of yourself skiing can be one of the best techniques for improving on specific techniques, while also pointing out some of the major mistakes that cost you a lot while in the mountains. Most of the times, skiers will take a video while going about their activities, and once they watch what they were doing back there, some of them even won’t believe it was them skiing. You could get someone help you out with the filming, so you get a clear view of what was going on, as such videos can be some of the most useful learning tools you can ever use for your skiing.

  1. Leave your comfort zone and fly with the eagles

One of the things that you might be afraid of is skiing with professionals since you think you might not be at a position to keep up with the pace they set, but that’s healthy for your learning. You should learn to accept challenges as they come by, which is why you ought to consider training with professionals. With such an approach to your training, you will get to watch and learn closely what they do excellently that you don’t and you can always try to improve on such and be better as time goes by.

  1. Don’t say it’s enough after taking few lessons

Some people will attend a few skiing lessons, and once they feel that they have started gaining control of what they are doing on the slope, they will let go the lessons and start training on their own, rarely with the help of a professional trainer. You need to appreciate the fact that even the expert skiers you see at the world cup also have trainers taking them through lessons almost every other day. You must acknowledge the importance of such trainers since you can learn some other techniques you hadn’t come across before.

  1. Understand the basic right skier’s position

Once you have watched enough videos on how professional skiers perform on the track, you will note one thing they all have in common. There’s a posture which they stick to, and this position is standing with the hip-width apart, making sure that you engage all ski joints, and always flexing and extending to remain at a balanced position. As for your hands, ensure that they at a forward position and away from your body, preferably at your hip level. Also, strive to have a horizontal eye line for better balancing of your body. For those of you who were not sure of the ideal way to stand on their skis, now you know how to. Once you’re able to maintain such a posture at all times, you will realize that skiing in different terrains won’t be much of a challenge. One thing you never want to forget? Don’t forget to flex your ankles, as that plays a significant role in ensuring that you can comfortably steer your skis.

  1. Set realistic goals

As you set your goals, see to it that the goals you have in mind are achievable, and don’t ever feel the pressure to do things fast in a way that might not seem realistic to you. Set your goals and stick to achieving them, and once you do, you can set even higher goals, as long as they are feasible. Realistic goals shouldn’t stress you as you strive to meet them, and you should set such goals depending on how fast you learn and achieve your skiing target.

  1. Dehydration is a bad thing in skiing

Are you aware that a hydrated skier has a better chance of doing things right while on that slope? Yes, keeping your body hydrated while skiing helps you perform excellently, and you’re less likely to hurt yourself. If you’re serious about becoming a pro in skiing within a short period, you better even reduce the number of times you hit the Après Ski hard, after a successful day. We all love listening to awesome music, while drinking a beer, and recalling the beautiful moments we had after a good day, but if you have stricter goals, better stick to working to achieve them.

  1. Delight in the skiing

Finally, you need to enjoy what you’re doing, if you want to get even more successful. You should rejoice in what you’ve already achieved as you work on what you’re trying to achieve at that moment. Enjoy the fun that comes with skiing, and you’ll realize that you’ve gradually grown into a professional skier, without even trying. It all begins with loving what you’re doing.

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