How Far Should I Hit My Irons In the Course?

How Far Should I Hit My Irons In the Course?

When you hear this question, you will know that it comes from new golfers. Yes, most novices often ask themselves because they are not confident at all. If you were them, then you could take time to find the question how far should I hit my irons and practice it.

Identify the certain golf clubs first

In order to hit your irons, you should recognize the kinds of a golf club in advance. There are 3 main categories that you may come across.


The woods are known as robust clubs to hit long shots in the course. These made from lots of par fours with fives a wood is used for the tee to control the ball in the fairway. With the wood club can take the ball furthest, it is the driver and people often call it one wood.

Most golfers have to face the lowest loft of the golf club.

In fact, the lofted club is the main factor to decide how far it will shoot the golf ball. Most golfers can get their driver between 230 and 290 yards while gurus can upgrade to 300 yards.

With women players, they usually hit to 230 yards on their amazing drive, but others can hit under 200 yards (about 170 yards) only.

Moreover, the three-wood players and the 5-wood ones often have more loft points, but they will not hit the ball more than the driver up to 240 yards in the distance (it is less performance than men).


This is the main idea I would like to show you, but you surely need to understand the iron clubs. In general, men players often take their irons for hitting which is less than 200 yards from the green course. The irons are often counted from 1 to 9, but most golfers do not need to take an iron or 2 as well.

When you take closer to the green course, you will increase the chance to improve the numbered iron you can choose from because the lofted club expands its number. Each iron ought to hit the golf ball 10 yards, but it is not much when you put the lower numbers and the higher irons. The loft is enhanced.

Professional players (with men) can shoot the ball in 170 yards which 6 irons in a similar way while amateurs can decrease the irons around 30 yards. Most women might hit up to 170 yards. Nonetheless, you should recognize that your ability to hit your average iron because your knowledge will support you to select the accurate iron club for each game precisely.


Wedges are similar iron clubs, but they have more loft. They are used to increase the ball to the air and dangers like sand traps, tall trees, etc. These wedges have lots of 48 degrees, so experienced golfers enable to hit the ball up to 130 yards easily. However, this is a rare circumstance in the course.

The wedges are also called tactfulness clubs which are applied to kick the ball in the green course with backspin in most situations. You ought to set and run it to the flag in others. Wedges are typically used when the ball cannot catch 100 yards from the hole. Please note that there are various wedges on the current market in these days such as sand wedges, lob wedges, etc.

How far should you hit your irons?

Learn your wedges

It is a daunting task to know you can hit a long hitter or a shorter one along with play golf and compare your skill to other players.

A short hitter does not mean you are not good at playing golf and a long hitter also does not mean you are a professional golfer. Absolutely, shooting the golf ball does not mean you might also hit the ball straightly on the green.

This is a chart to help you know more about the golf club distance:

Some aspects that influence your irons

If you need to become an advanced golfer, you will know these factors first.

  •    The regular club you are playing. It also relies on the brand you use these clubs;
  •    The ball categories which you take to play;
  •    The outside environment you are playing is also important. Your golf ball ought to reach further away on a windy day while it cannot happen on a cloudy day;
  •    Your ages;
  •    Your muscles strength in your arms and other groups on your body;
  •    Your swing speed;
  •    The way you connect to the golf ball


If you do a research on the Internet, you will receive several charts and average numbers of different clubs. Most these charts will also have the same average. These numbers are suitable for average players, so you should test your ability to know that. When you have well-trained, you will recognize the right equipment and your entertainment purpose.

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