Best Snowboard Places around the World

Best Snowboard Places around the World

What activity should you do in the winter? Of course, skiing and snowboarding activities are one of the most amazing outdoors most people try enjoying the cold condition. But where should you go if you are bored of snowboarding in your local area? Yes, we are going to show you other snowboard places from countries to the world so that you can select the right choice.

Recommend some snowboard places worldwide

#1 – Montreal, Canada

There is no doubt that Montreal is the second largest city located in the middle region of the French-speaking province, Quebec. This is a busy city with several different cultural and racial influences. In the summer, there are many comedy events are hosted in Montreal that most people around the world know such as Blue Metropolis, Jardin Gamelin, Montreal Pride, etc.

When you choose Montreal, you will take 45 minutes only to drive to Mont Saint Sauveur which is located on the North Montreal. It has a wonderful park and incredible night skiing. It means that you probably enjoy the snowboarding activity and the beautiful sightseeing at the same time.

If you are planning to come to this place at weekend, you could stay overnight easily because it has a larger resort like East Coast. However, you should drive 2 hours.

#2 – Iceland

The weather in Ice land is not changed on a regular basis so that most skiers often select this snowboard place. This is a well-known as the tree-less snowboarding, so you obviously ought to visit it. Iceland has some famous snowboard place like Blafjoll Mountains, Hlidarfjall Ski Resort, Westjords, etc.

#3 – Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is called the excitement capital of the world by local persons. You do not have to relish the snowboarding in winter because Queensland can provide you some great snowboard places with other incredible resort areas such as Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Cardrona, etc.

#4 – Oregon, USA

Do you know that Oregon is also a good snowboard place to get experience in all the time whether it is cloudy days, spring conditions or in winter?  Most skiers also agree that Mount Hood is better to snowboard in the winter, so you should not do it in the summer.

#5 – Japan

Do not surprise that Japan is one of the most powerful places with snowboarding and fancy resorts for all persons to enjoy? This nation also has lots of sellers who sell vending machines with beer at once. Find these amazing out in Niseko, Hokkaido, etc.

#6 – Chile

The remarkable beauty of Chile is a small part of thing this country has to provide. You will discover unblocked deep terrain and frisky lines for all snowboarders to smooth in the race without much hassle. Write down some snowboard places and plant it as soon as possible like Portillo, Nevados de Chillan, Tres Valles, etc.

#7 – Alaska, USA

If you ask real snowboarders about skiing in Alaska, they will give the same question with positive points. This is a true destination for them to prove their ability or show their passion only. Take time to travel to Valdez, Haines or Anchorage, and add one of them in your books in this winter.

#8 – Montana, USA

Most snowboarders have a great feedback about Montana because they receive a special experience without taking any lift line. In case you want to travel surrounding area in your local regions or reduce the plane ticket for flying, we have two main options for you. They are Big Sky Resort and Whitefish Mountain Resort. Obviously, you ought to pick other places on your list!

#9 – Tinges, France

Tinges are also one of the most snowboard places for all skiers with advantages in the location (near the sun). This mountain more than 150 miles in the terrain and you ought to visit any time of the year. This is not difficult to understand the reason Tinges were organized for freestyle skiing in 1992.

#10 – Davos Klosters, Switzerland

In Davos Klosters, you might choose any mountain in five different mountains with a diverse shape. More importantly, all these mountains always have stable snowfall so that you do not worry about dangerous snowstorms anymore.

You totally performance your skills with the freestyle snowboarding and the freeriding at once like a professional snowboarder. In the downtown, it has full of convenient facilities so that you may move from one place to another location and buy regular things easily.

Prepare for the snowboard season

#1 – Training your body

Although snowboarding is an outdoor activity, it is a daunting task to control if you do not have strong physical and the technique. With your physical, you should increase a lot of exercises and do it with fitness equipment. With your skills, you need to find someone who has experienced to guide you. You also read some references about snowboarding is not a bad idea at all.

#2 – Book the tickets and accommodation

Of course, once you choose the right snowboard place, you will need to book your plane tickets and the accommodation during the journey. Do it as soon as possible to hunt the good ideals and it also makes you feel greater?

#3 – Equipment…I mean… snowboarding gears

Clothes, shoes and other personal items are also necessary to pack but do not forget to put the right snowboarding equipment as well. Skis or snowboard, bindings, boots, and poles are essential on your challenging trip. The best ways to solve this issue is making your to-buy list first and consider them when shopping around.


Every year, you ought to try a new snowboard place to upgrade your experience and skills levels at the same time. These are the fabulous moment in your life that you never forget!

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