Best graphite shafts for irons

Best graphite shafts for irons

Avid golfers are mostly looking for their new drive shaft by searching a lot of reviews in forums, asking a variety of questions and trying to figure out their demand in many options to choose the best graphite shafts for irons. Although eight of shafts which go into irons, at least, are in golfers’ bag with one drive, they still ignore them. A lot of golfers keep their shafts from the last time these shafts were fit when the golfers were gaming. Or else, they also can use whatever comes as stock.

There is a huge number of golfers getting involved in this situation. Therefore, we did this research and comparison to figure out which iron shafts are the best ones for golfers by running certain data. With our results, you can ask yourself about the shafts which are suitable. If you use a non-suitable shaft, your score can fall down. It is annoying that you have up to 10 shafts but they do not match any of your swings.

At the beginning of this research, it came up in my mind that the shafts which were certain could separate themselves into different groups. The reason was that I did not expect that there were the shafts which could be on top in many aspects. Therefore, I had my own above hypothesis. For instance, the shaft which is longest can have the least consistency.

During the test

4 golfers who are low-handicap were asked to take shots with just 4 iron and PW with shafts which are stiff-flex and use Mizuno JPX-825 Pro iron heads.
Slight mishits as well as easily obvious missed shots were included in the test as they are in the real game. We measured the performance of the shaft by how it managed the misses. The result is that the shots which were excluded were few and consistent. But this result was expected to be caused by swing, not by the shaft.

To track these results, a foresight GC 2 launch monitor was used. We randomly hit these shafts and separated them into 3 different sessions so that we could ensure that the numbers were not skewed by fatigue.

The result

Not similar to my hypothesis, the test indicates another result that the shafts’ performances depend on each golfer. Although there are variances which are minor but the data is in average.
One way which can ensure your best shaft is that you should choose the one which enables you to hit a lot of options by going through a thorough.

It should not be the first criteria to choose a shaft by how it feels. You should pay more attention to launch monitor which provides the data that you can rely on. Comparing the dispersion between Nippon N.S Pro Modus 120S and UST Recoil 1255, the tester can see that all of them showed the dispersion to the right. Therefore, after considering the performance, you can base on the feel.

Our test also indicated a lot of example shafts. Here are some of the feels:

Take Project X 6.0 first. We can see that it brings a very solid and stiff feel. We do not need to worry much about the shaft when we hit the ball.
About Nippon N.S Pro Modus 120, it has an incredibly smooth feel and is the favorite item for a lot of golfers. But its disadvantage is that it does not bring the solid feel as Project X 6.0 above.
How about KBS Tour? Flexible is the adjective which can describe it. When using it, you can feel extremely flexible in any of moves.
You can have a very good feel when using UST Recoil 125. It can be very stable for you to play, which satisfy a lot of golfers.

KBS C-Taper: In contrast to Nippon’s one, this one brings a stable and heavy feel, which is considered to be between the hard of KBS Tour and Project X.
And a huge number of other shafts which have their own characteristics such as the Aerotech Steelfiber with highly smooth, True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 with an incredible familiar feel and KBS Tour-V with extremely light feel,..

Although SteelFibers, as well as Recoil, still have their vibrations on each mishit, they bring a very solid feel. Our testers finally indicated that both of these graphite shafts above should be chosen.


Although we can not reach our aim to figure out which shafts are the best ones, we can gain a lot of things. One of them is to prove that we can benefit any of shaft’s advantages and play very well if we know much about them and choose our own suitable one.

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