Using Best Big Catfish Bait to Hunt

Using Best Big Catfish Bait to Hunt

How to catch big catfish and how to find out the best big catfish bait? These are similar questions for many of us when you want to enjoy this journey. Basically, it is not tough to fish big catfish, but you should gain the skills and the bait as well. For fishing skills, go with an experienced coach and he or she will help you how to. With the big catfish bait, you are lucky because we will support how…

3 main types of catfishes

In order to use the right bait to fish big catfishes, you should know who they are like you have to have something about your enemy.

When you know your targets, you would prepare your hunting equipment. Is it right?! Similarly, you need to find out the types of catfishes. In general, there are 3 certain kinds. Different species also require different baits and your fishing skills also need to adjust.

Blue catfishes

Most blue catfishes have two main colors which are white and blue colors. Some fishes also include dark blue and black colors only without getting a dark spot. They probably weigh 100 pounds with around 36 rays (in the length).

Channel catfishes

Channel catfishes have amazing colors with olive-brown and grey colors. They also have dark spots, typically in smaller fishes. They are smaller than blue catfishes with about 30 pounds in their weight and nearly 30 rays only. Both of blue catfishes and channel ones also have forked tail.

Flathead catfishes

Unlike channel catfishes and the blue ones, flathead catfishes have mottled black, brown, and pale yellow. They can exceed 100 pounds but they are smaller than the blue ones.

Be sure you figure out these types as you will have a deep understanding of their behaviors and how to hunt each of them.

The place catfishes often live

Catfishes probably live in several places.

The good news is you enable to find the right area to help you fish them such as outside river bends, wing dikes, river holes, bottom channels, etc. In these places, catfishes can hide and the water is so fresh.

Recognizing these great places will help you catch catfishes as easy as you can. It is also awesome if you have a fish finder because it makes you catch the fish easier. Find fishes in different fishing holes are so simple!

The time to fish them

With the best time of catching these fishes, you will minimize your effort a lot! At the same time, you will yield fabulous consequences without struggling.

Water temperature is the most important factor in a successful journey. It means that you should know the catfish hunting season. This is a secret of experienced anglers!

Spring is the greatest period of all catfishes begin hunting and feeding. Summer is suitable for reaching channel catfishes.

This is the time they decide to spawn. How about the fall season? Trophy catfishes are easy to hunt than other sorts.

Do not forget to take into account what should you try to catch. Low lighted periods are also a good idea to start your fishing trip as fishes also hunt. When they see their prey, you will know that this is a perfect chance to make your net.

How to choose the best catfish baits

There are various species of catfishes available out there and using one bait will not support you increase the number of catfishes on your bucket. You need to find something that has a strong smell and ideal environment.

Most anglers would choose herring, chicken, dip, punch baits, gizzards, turkey livers, hot dogs, shrimp, and meats to attract more catfishes. Some also use eels to catch a big catfish.

Realizing the fishing area is also vital to know that the catfish type and the best big catfish bait as well.

In fact, there is not any unique bait category you ought to use. It means that you should try different baits can get you incredible results at the end of the fishing day.

For example, some catfishes could be more privy than others about their foods they relish. This is a good opportunity for making a line on the water surface and the bait will also work. In the worse cases, you may attempt other ways to lure them.

Catfish baits are not complicating to find and buy because these are so popular in the current market these days.

What should you do when you wish to hunt a monster catfish?

To be honest, most experienced anglers always need to challenge a monster because it makes them feel so proud of.

If you want to do the same thing, then you could prepare a battle gear carefully. Use a long e-glass fishing rod or a composite one as you have a power rod to help you pull the fishing rod smoothly. Try your best in this big task!

To sum up

Whether you hunt a small fish or a monster, you need to select the right bait and how to hunt them wisely. Combine to your fishing skills and your high-quality equipment, your journey is smoother than you may suppose.

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