Many people hate the idea of winter and would rather lock themselves in their rooms than to come out to the unwelcoming cold and damp. That leads to a winter-related type of depression, known as Seasonal Affected Disorder to develop. Well, maybe the cold does bother us anyway. Fortunately, there is a way for you to embrace this special season and that’s snowboarding. Snowboarding and alpine skiing – Past and present While back in the day, snowboarding was dominated by males under age 25, nowadays, more and more people from both genders are starting to embrace the sport. Most of ski resorts that once banned snowboarding have lifted their bans. Many people find snowboarding easier on the knees compared to skiing. At first, snowboarding might appear to be harder and more complicated for beginners. But that’s only because you haven’t gotten used to the sport. Once you get to understand the basics, you might find alpine skiing actually takes longer to learn than snowboarding. (more…)